3 Benefits a Landscape Architect Can Provide You

3 Benefits a Landscape Architect Can Provide You

If you have a new home or want to improve your current dwelling in terms of its landscape, you may wish to consult with a landscape architect. Although landscape architects often design large-scale public landscapes, like city parks, they also work with homeowners to create residential garden spaces. Landscape designers, however, focus more on smaller installations typically found in residential properties. To do this job, the landscape architect typically has a college degree in the subject in addition to a license. Consequently, working with a landscape architect can bring three valuable benefits to your home garden.

They Utilize Economical Features

Landscape architects bring expertise to your home landscape improvement project. They can analyze your garden’s possibilities, then come up with a selection of design options that will meet your budget. Moreover, an experienced landscape architect West Palm Beach will determine how to help your garden save you money in the long run. For example, by including plants native to your region in your new landscape, the architect knows that they require less care, fertilizer and water, all of which save you money over time.

They Site Trees Effectively

For a novice gardener, it can be all too easy to make the mistake of planting a tree in the wrong place. For instance, future work and problems will ensue if the gardener squeezes in trees too near the house or power lines. However, landscape architects can select trees appropriate to your garden space to provide summer shade and allow winter light to decrease your power bill over time.

They Enhance Home Value

Landscaped homes rise in value. When comparing similar properties that have no landscaping with those that have had the expertise of a landscape architect applied to them, the landscaped homes will experience a valuation up to 15 percent higher than the non-landscape premises, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Contact a landscape architect for a property consultation and evaluation to enjoy these benefits. You can rely on their expertise for an excellent result.

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