Keeping The Dryer Vent Cleaned Out

Keeping The Dryer Vent Cleaned Out

Drying your clothes in a clothes dryer is very convenient at times when you do not want to use a makeshift clothesline. The problem is that you can forget to clean out the dryer vent and that will cause all types of problems. It should be a routine habit that before you place your wet clothes in the dryer or after that, you need to clean it out. You will be surprised at all the things that could go wrong if you don’t. It’s highly important that as the vent takes in the limit that it doesn’t end up outside in your garden choking the life out of your plants.

The Importance

You may not see it as a big deal, but the lint will easily catch fire if the vent is not kept clean. There has to be a way for you to have an opening in the area so that when the lint, dust, and all the other particles come through that they will land outside and not in your garden. Lint will easily get tangled up in your flowers and kill them, especially if it’s still hot. You do want that. So that means making a lint trap of some kind on the outside to catch the particles. Every time you use the dryer, clean out the vent. Teach your children when they use the dryer to do the same. This prevents fires from breaking out. Lint Dan contains oil from the clothes and other flammable material. When it’s mixed with the heat, it is now very combustible. That’s not good and not worth losing your home over because no one simply thought to take out the lint or looked to see if the hole was clogged. You need to take time out of your busy schedule to do a dryer vent cleaning surrey.

Having Your Plants Near The Dryer Vent

It’s not good to have your plants near this vent at all because they die. However, if this is the spot will good soil for them to grow, you need to consider putting moving the vent hose itself somewhere else. The last thing want is to come outside and see lint everywhere it shouldn’t be. It can kill off anything living plant. You can make a different type of dryer vent to where the particles come out but only in something that would be flame resistant and easy to dump out after every use. Your flowers will stay lively and beautiful thanks to not having to endure strange elements that would keep them from thriving. You have delicate foliage to protect.

Having a way to protect your plants from the dryer vent elements is crucial. You can make another pathway for the vent to function as it should and keep your plants alive. Adding a tree would also help break up some of the hot vent air from hitting the plants as well.

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