What Is a Slab Leak? What Should You Do To Fix It?

What Is a Slab Leak? What Should You Do To Fix It?

Your home can have many issues come up. Owners, though, often feel good about the foundation. That concrete slab is meant to hold everything up and offer support. Sometimes, however, issues occur in the ground, leading to complications with its structure and durability. For instance, a slab leak may develop, leaving homeowners wondering how to fix something so far under the ground. Be aware of what a slab leak is and how you should get it repaired.

1. What Exactly Is a Slab Leak?

The construction teams ran water lines within the walls and under the ground when they built your home. A slab leak is when the pipe below the foundation suffers from a leak, allowing water to seep into the soil. These are particularly hard to observe since it’s starting why below your view. A leak detection procedure is likely to pinpoint where the water loss is.

Common signs of trouble include a spike in your utility bill that isn’t explained from another source. In addition, eventually, you might see cracks in the walls, pools of water outside and changes in the home’s water pressure.

2. What Causes the Problem?

This situation may happen for several reasons, and owners have little to no control. The ground shifts over time as the home settles. This process could disturb the pipes. In addition, the original plumbing crew may have made errors in the installation. Another common reason is that natural elements cause the lines to corrode, penetrating the metal and allowing a leak to start.

3. How Do You Fix It?

Contact professionals in slab leak repair Atlantic Beach FL to assess the water lines. This restoration takes expert care from people who can carefully locate the problem and then plan to remediate the damage. Usually, technicians must replace the pipes to get things back in working order.

If you have unexplained water use or notice changes near your home’s foundation, reach out for help. It’s best to catch slab leaks early.

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