When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes

The world is unpredictable.  When there are natural disasters, it will be essential to prepare as much as possible in situations with little control over what events will occur.

How to Prepare for Disaster

There are ways for families to prepare for an incoming disaster. First, it helps if there is a warning beforehand, but sometimes that is not the case, and the emergency happens suddenly.  If someone lives in an area prone to a specific type of event, it is good to plan ahead of time and have supplies ready in case of an emergency.

Families should meet together and make emergency plans.  Together they can figure out who would do what during the disaster.  Also, if needed, who to contact.  Whether the fire department, police, a family member, or an emergency relief company.  If communications are down, families must set up a meeting point, know where there may be good backups for electricity, or set up routes to take to safety ahead of time.

An emergency kit is also a handy tool to have in case of disaster.  They could pack supplies such as clothing, canned goods, bottled water, battery-powered radios, flashlights, first-aid kits, and anything deemed essential for an emergency kit.

Types of Disasters and Their Challenges

Hurricanes are an emergency that people can know about beforehand.  If possible, it would be best if everyone could leave the area and stay out of the hurricane’s path.  Pack only the essentials and make sure there is plenty of gas in the vehicle.  People may also know ahead of time if they are in the path of a wildfire or a flood.  Although, floods can be more abrupt.  In that case, it is best to get up to the highest level in the home and grab some supplies if there is time.

Some disasters do not come with a warning beforehand. For example, earthquakes happen suddenly, and sometimes there is no preparation for them.  The best thing to do during an earthquake is to hide under a piece of furniture and wait for the quake to pass.  Tornadoes are another type that may not know until they are about to hit.  They may put the area on a tornado watch, and in that case, it would be good to review or come up with a plan to stay safe if the worst happens.

Whether it is a minor or major emergency, it is vital to plan and prepare ahead of time to have the best chance at survival.

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