Why You Should Store Wine in a Wine Fridge

Why You Should Store Wine in a Wine Fridge

If you have ever experienced the disappointing muted taste of a glass of wine, you understand the importance of proper serving temperatures. All wines have a specific temperature they should be stored at. This helps with longevity and ageing. Likewise, all wines have a particular temperature they should be served at. Red wines will allow the full-bodied flavour to emerge along with rich, gorgeous aromas. In whites, your crisp taste will shine at the correct temperature. To avoid spoiling good wine, temperature control is vital. The simplest way to achieve this is with a wine fridge. Wine fridges from Bodega43 offer a vast range of everything a wine lover needs. They are gaining in popularity, with searches to find the best wine fridge UK showing up in internet histories everywhere. All for the love of perfect temperatures.

Storage Temperatures and Goals

For long term storage, most wines benefit from the cool classic of around 13oC, which is lovely for those with humidity-controlled cellars. Enter the wine fridge. With a wine fridge’s cutting edge technology, maintaining constant temperature and humidity levels are par for the course. If you have special bottles you want to keep for a future celebration, a wine fridge is an investment to be sold later. 

Serving Temperatures

The perfect chill gives the wine its full splendour, and the serving temperature matters greatly. Red and white wines have different serving temperatures, and getting this right can make or break how you experience your wine. Champagne and sparkling wines have a colder serving temperature to accentuate the flavour and allow the fizz to sparkle. A wine fridge will keep your wines at ideal serving temperatures, ready to be enjoyed at a moment’s notice. There are many temperature guides to check the right one for your particular bottle. Sublime temperature control is vital and, happily, not the only benefit of a wine fridge.

Wine Fridge Benefits

Wine is a delicate creature. Besides requiring perfect temperatures and humidity, factors like vibration and light also count. Wine fridges are designed with minimum vibration and often boast wooden shelving. Wood is a natural vibration damper which also protects bottles from damage. Sunlight is kept at bay with UV resistant doors, which allow a mesmerising peek inside to avoid unnecessary door opening. Wine should be stored lying down, and shelves allow for this in style. This keeps the cork moist, which prevents it from drying out. This stops leakage and air from sneaking in and ruining the bottle. Incidentally, it also prevents the formation of wine crystals. Although harmless, they are not an attractive sight. Wine fridges do all the hard work of keeping your collection in cool, blissful comfort while looking good.

Cool and Beautiful

Wine fridges come in a vast array of size options and styles. Some have dual temperature zones, others are tall and slender, and there’s a compact model designed to fit anywhere. Built-in wine fridges can show off their sleek lines with glass fronting. The term wine column is going viral, highlighting their popularity. 

The time of the wine fridge has arrived, and oenophiles everywhere raise a glass in celebration.

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